Cloud Technology - Built for Speed

Cloud technology means that your site and files are not hosted on a server. They are hosted on a collection of thousands of servers networked together all over North America. If 100 servers go down, or experience a natural disaster, the other servers will continue to deliver the site to your customers. They share the workload so even if millions of people go to the site all at once, the technology reacts and scales the need for resources accordingly. There is no need to purchase and host more servers. There is no need to install expensive load-balancing software to handle the traffic. It’s already provided by the cloud we use.

The CDN (Content Delivery Network) delivers files to customers from servers closest to their location to increase the speed of the site. This happens from thousands of servers all over the North America.

The platform we build the sites and web applications upon is 60% larger than Google’s. How is that possible? We’ve partnered with one the world’s elite hosting and file delivery organizations and worked directly with them to create the perfect environment for Flash Sales. They have their entire support department notified of all our sales and HTE’s (high traffic events), so you’re not only getting our development team on-call for support, but all the server and logistic details are being monitored by some of the best technicians in the world. We’re extremely proud of the environment we’ve created for Flash Sale sites and we feel that our sites are faster and more reliable than 99% of the websites on the internet today. We know what is at stake here for your brand. One hour of being offline can cost a brand hundreds of thousands of dollars in missed sales. Our sites are bulletproof.

We Build for Success

We have built several of the highest selling Flash Sale websites. We know what works best and how to make and save our clients money. Several other developers have tried to copy what we have done, but none of them come close to providing the elite level of service we provide. They also charge more than we do.