Dollars and common sense.

The simple fact of the matter is this... you're doing a flash sale to make money. So why throw it away with shady developers who hide fees and take percentages that they won't tell you about when they set up your merchant accounts? Yes, we've dealt with people who have done this to us, and it's a huge reason why we created PP Web Pros in the first place. Our rates are the same rates we pay when we do our own sales.


We have a couple of merchant account providers that we work with on a regular basis that have different pros and cons. One works really quickly and can get you approved pretty fast, while the other has a little better rates but might take too long to get you approved if you're a middle to lower range brand in terms of credit history.

We know how important this part of the flash sale is for brands. Paying extra points on each transaction (that those other guys are charging the brands on those sales), actually adds up to these brands losing thousands and thousands of dollars in fees. It's such a needless expense that most brands overlook because they are in such a rush to take care of everything in time for the sale. With us, we tell them right up front, we're not going to make thousands of dollars off you by "omitting" the fact we're tacking on a few points here and a few points there when you sign then 45 pages of contracts they send you. We are the good guys. If you're represented by an agent, ask them, are PP Web Pros the good guys? See what they say about us...

Ask us about Merchant Accounts and get this done first. It's the most important part of your sale and needs to be initiated right away so it can be approved and set up in time for the sale.