It’s Showtime! Here’s what you should be doing…

We have a project kit for clients that will help you with the preparation, the day of and the days after the sale.

Be Present and Ready to Communicate

t’s 5:30 AM PST and the show begins in 30 minutes, with the segment on in about 45 minutes... you cell phone is on, email is open and the coffee you’re drinking is strong! It’s usually just a precaution in case we need to speak to you about any last second matters, but it’s always a good idea to be involved in your sale on all fronts from the minute it starts until the end of the day. If you have a Facebook page and account, open your brand page, and the Flash Sale page. Think of any possible way customers will contact you and your staff about this sale, and be on top of all them. You’ll have our Counter Page open to watch sales numbers and the Google Analytics real-time stats open so you can watch the traffic bursts as they happen.

Use our proven customer support strategy

We have found from previous sales that 90% of customer emails and questions are the same. We’ve prepared a list of the most common Frequently Asked Questions that we will provide for you to edit and use on your site. We also suggest creating two email accounts for the same. The first one can be used to (automatically) send out the email receipts and has the auto-response feature enabled so when anyone hits reply on their receipt, they will get an automatic response that details the most commonly asked questions. Create a second email account for customer support. The auto from the other email will inform customers to contact the “support” email address if their questions were not answered by the FAQ’s. This will save your staff a LOT of time handling emails. We also suggest that for the day of the sale, you change the contact info on your regular site to list only the “support” email address you created for the Flash Sale. It’s also usually a good idea to use only email and not take phone calls unless you have the extra staff on hand to handle hundreds of phone calls in short periods of time.

Have all your contact lists handy

You may need to call your manufacturer to let them know you’ll need an extra 20K units in red. You may need to call us or let us know that you need to put a “SOLD OUT” button up for a product. We’re on task from start to finish for the sale. You can contact us any time. We’re there to help.

Exhale, remember to breathe

These sales can be really stressful for brands. We know first-hand how intense they can be and how much is on the line for you and your brand. We treat every sale like it was our own. We keep an eye on all sorts of details like chatter on Facebook or Twitter talking about your brand or the sale. We’re constantly checking the site and the cart to ensure everything is running smoothly. We’re there to respond immediately to any issues that arise, big or small. Sit back, try to relax and watch that counter go up and up and up as the sales pour in. We’ve done this many times. We know what to expect, we’ve seen all sorts of crazy things happen and we know how to respond to them. You are in very good hands