Control your brand value

No matter how well you are prepared or how hard you try, there is always a possibility of a small percentage of customers that are intent on hating everything you do. One negative comment or post on Facebook can impact sales, so stay on top of the questions and comments out there and offer excellent customer service. When other viewers see your hands-on and immediate response, they feel that someone is there to help them with their concerns.  We’ve seen one negative comment on Facebook turn off multiple users who thanked them and said they would not purchase from that brand. Without a response, you have no control over that chatter. Talk to your customers if they have issues. It’ll help keep your sales strong all day long.

Thank You email

Once you get the daily transaction report from us, you can use the emails in that report to send out a Thank-You email that will detail shipping information and provide customers with your FAQ’s. It’ll build some confidence and it’ll cut down on your customer support requests by proactively sending them information on questions we see customers ask the most.

Work with your fulfillment company to stay organized

If you’re using one of our suggested providers for fulfillment, they will keep you updated with shipping logs that provide tracking numbers for every order along with inventory levels on products and shipping materials. They will notify if you are running low on boxes or products. They will manage the returns and undeliverable packages and provide you a list that details the transactions for those shipments. They will also be very helpful if and when you start getting emails from customers who didn’t receive their package (lost, stolen, etc). Use their experience and knowledge. They’ve done this hundreds of times so there isn’t much that will surprise them or a problem they cannot help you resolve.