Our Beginnings

PP Web Pros is a full service design and development company that was created specifically to develop mini-websites for Flash Sales. We have sought out and brought together the best team we could find in several areas including design, development, and management and business accumen. In short, we saw a need for a team that could bridge the gap for brands between success and failure for these types of high-level sales and events, and we have found the right people for the job to do just that.


Our designers work on a regular basis with top fashion, clothing and jewelry designers. They understand the importance of design and how it not only needs to look great, but also has a high conversion rate of turning the “window shoppers” into “buyers”. Our designs are created to sell.


Our development team is a group of cutting edge coders who have developed and released their own no-database shopping cart to the world as a fun project they did in their spare time. They’ve taken that technology and transformed it into a lean mean selling machine specifically built for Flash Sales.


Merchant Accounts and Order Fulfillment. These two components can make or break your Flash Sale opportunity. We only work with providers that understand the needs of our brands and have the experience with Flash Sales. Our technology partners are the best in the business today.


We've set up this infrastructure as an full-service shop for high-performance brands who want the best designers, developers and smart financial people who have similar concerns when it comes to these huge sales. This isn't a company for someone who needs an regular run of the mill website or e-commerce store - we don't take those jobs. We ONLY work on flash sales with brands we want to work with. So please, if you contact us, please keep this in mind, we are selective of who we work with and usually deal with brands that are represented by agencies who work with us on a regular basis because they know the drill and time is always a critical factor in these projects.